What is Focalpay?

Focalpay is a cloud based ecosystem designed by architects with vast experience within telecom and fintech. Inspired by the secure and efficient nature of contemporary telecom systems we’ve created the next generation ecosystem for payments and retail.



Focalpay checkout service offers everything you need to accept mobile payments in physical retail. For example, the possibility to connect current infrastructure to payment services through the various APIs and complete products. Some of the features are:

  • Self-scanning solution in mobile browser

  • Cross-platform cashier UI Linux/Mac/Windows/Android or iOS.

  • PIM gateway

  • Virtual connection to the tax authorities (Black box)

Payment Service

The payment service can be used standalone to offer mobile payments in other products, in-app payments, on invoices, or for e-commerce checkout.

How it works

The payment service returns a URL link every time payment is requested by the merchant. This URL can be returned in the form of a QR code or a browser link. When the payer activates the link via web browser or camera on a mobile phone, all the payment options that the merchant has selected are presented to the payer. If the payer does not have some of the alternatives available Focalpay automatically removes them.


Payment redundancy

Mobile payments are growing worldwide, but all schemes face the same challenge due to non-offline capabilities. The progressive shift towards a cashless, commercial landscape leaves merchants, and customers, susceptible to payment providers’ ability to deliver their services. The effect when they face outages, or when their service is unavailable is significant. Customers lack the means to pay, businesses risk loss of revenue and negative effects on customer retention.

Even if various online payment schemes have different protocols and characteristics, the majority of payment disturbances they face are brief.

Focalpay utilizes a machine learning module to monitor and detect disturbances for any given payment method, and manage purchase completion options in real-time. Our services offer your business to proactively set up alternative payment methods to ensure the highest possible payment redundancy. By doing this Focalpay can shift the payment flow to the backup provider ahead of any disturbances. Your customer will never notice and you will always get paid.

Admin panel

In our online admin panel, you can manage everything related to your payments and checkout. Add payment methods to your checkout or gain API access to build on top of our headless checkout. Here you can also see payment analytics and trends and close the books for the day.