We believe that everything and eveyone works better in freedom. Money, time and humans thrive for it. Therefore we took our collective experience and created Focalpay.



With a groundbreaking, minimalistic approach we have set out to free the world from monopolies and intermediaries - to these time thieves and money wasters we bid a final farewell. Instead, we shake off musts, buts, and cants. We say: let’s get back to basics. Let’s get b-ack to a blank slate where all needs, desires, and beliefs can find a way to truly blossom. Seamlessness, security, agility, and catalyzation are more than words to us – it’s our DNA. We gladly hand it over to you, and once you’ve grasped it, it is yours to create, build and develop from.

Think about it. We know it might be hard to imagine. But at least picture this: with Focalpay, it’s within reach.

Meet the team

Focalpay is a team of executives, developers, designers, and experts in management and business.



Morteza has a Phd in computer science and mathematics. He has been chief architect and CTO in the telecom and fintech space for over 30 years. He has revolutionized the world we know a few times. He created the first embedded Linux system, and the android phones that we know of today. Morteza was one of the people who created the 3G-standard among many other achievements. His motto is: “we can build this in 3 weeks."



Birkir is always interested in learning new things and thrives on creating products that improves life for both companies and consumers. Birkir is a mechanical engineer with a background in development, modelling and optimisation of various systems. He has worked on innovation in mechanical and financial industries for 10 years. His currently focused on creating synergies and new products for the fintech space and has been for the last 6 years.



Henriks passion is retail, and he likes to personally make sure that things work for our customers. With over 18 years experience as Nordic product owner and partner manager for the biggest retail company in the Nordics there is not much regarding how to build solid retail solutions that he doesn’t know.



Sven has extensive experience in helping retailers optimize their business processes through technological innovations. As a hands-on executive, his expertise landed him leading positions as International Commercial Director at Extenda Retail, VP of International Sales, and Managing Director at Visma Retail. His professional focus has always been in business development and sales, where he held several management positions in multinational companies, such as Samsung, Panasonic, Siemens, and many more.



Peter has extensive experience in running companies with strong operational growth, in combination with acquisitions. From 2008–2019 he was the CEO of Visma Retail, where they developed the business from SEK 200 million in sales to SEK 1.3 billion, and about 15 companies. He held a position in Visma’s Group Management throughout this time. In addition, Peter has held CEO and senior positions in global companies like Fujitsu and Tektronix. He has also spent a number of years as CEO of an investment company in Asia to refined their business.