We are innovators. We are engineers.

But we are also business people

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The Solution

Finish purchase with any service without app. Anywhere.

Choose between all payment methods

With Focalpay, you can offer the consumer any payment method you want. We filter your chosen payment methods to match the possibilities the consumer has on their phone. You can activate or deactivate the payment methods with the push of a button from the admin system.

Reduce the transaction costs

Focalpay is a facilitator that takes away the boundaries between suppliers, and enables you to negotiate better terms and prices. We can also optimize your transaction costs and payment flow by driving traffic to A2A (account-to-account) transactions.

Better customer experience with machine learning

Through constant monitoring and anomaly analysis, we can predict and avoid incidents. If something is wrong in the payment process with the bank, we offer redundancy. We can also automatically shut down the service temporarily and hide the payment method from the consumer.

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Retail without deployment

Headless checkout with any payment method

Whether your customer wants to pay for their purchase in the store, in the parking lot, or in front of their computer, Focalpay got you covered. Our headless checkout takes your customer to the payments you want to offer in a smooth, universal way. Focalpay supports integrations to multiple ERP and data management systems, and can both fetch product data and update your surrounding infrastructure as a purchase happens.

Focalpay offers a variety of other functions on top of the headless checkout, such as self-scanning of products and ID-check. Our solution is one-size-fits-all and is very easy to expand into the customer journey that you want. Go ahead and try our checkout here and donate to a good cause: Try our checkout

Problem statement

How to get started

1. Select mobile payment methods
  • How do I get started and what are the requirements?

Whether you already have contracts with some payment schemes that you want to use or need help with acquiring them, Focalpay can assist you. When you have contracts in place you can configure the payments in a matter of minutes in our back office.


2. Set up for physical stores. (optional)
  • What hardware is required, and does my current infrastructure support this?

With our headless checkout and integration platform, we offer retail without deployment. No extra hardware is necessary.

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3. Payers
  • How do I teach my staff and my customers to use Focalpay?

As long as your payers can scan a QR code with their mobile phone they can pay. As for merchants , initiating and receiving payments is always the same, regardless of the payment method.


4. Scale and integration
  • What about all other systems that need to be updated when a transaction happens?

Our data harmonization gateway both receives needed data for the checkout and updates any surrounding system about the transactions.

We are innovators.
We are engineers.
But we are also business people.

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