Reduce costs? Save time? Get Focalpayed.

Our mission is simple and revolutionary. We let fintech-innovations free you from monopolies and intermediaries. Our scalable platform for payments and checkouts is ready to be used by small business owners or global enterprises. Instore, web or mobile. Anywhere you choose to do business Focalpay hands the power to you. So, tell us what you wish for. We will show you how to begin.


Finish purchase with any service without app. Anywhere.

Choose between all payment methods
With Focalpay, you can offer the consumer any payment methods you want. We filter your chosen payment methods to match the possibilities the consumer has on their phone. You can activate or deactivate the payment methods with the push of a button from the admin system.

Reduce the transaction costs by 50%
Focalpay is a facilitator that takes away the boundaries between suppliers and enables you to negotiate better prices and terms. We can also optimize your transaction costs and payment flow by driving traffic to account-to-account (A2A) transactions.

Better customer experience with machine learning
Through constant monitoring and anomaly analysis, we can predict and avoid incidents. If something is wrong in the payment process against the bank, we offer redundancy. We can also automatically shut down the service temporarily and hide the payment method from the consumer.

We are innovators. We are engineers. But we are also business people.

We believe that everything and everyone works better in freedom. Money, time and humans thrive of it. Therefore we took our collective experience and created Focalpay. With a groundbreaking, minimalistic approach we have set out to free the world from monopolies and intermediaries - these time thieves and money wasters we bid a final farewell. Instead, we shake off musts, buts and cants. We say: let’s get back to basics.

To a blank slate where all needs, desires and beliefs can find a way to truly bloom. Seamlessness, security, agility and catalyzation. These are more than words to us. It's our DNA. We gladly hand it over to you. And once you've got hold, it's yours to create from, exactly what you want. Think about it. We know it may be hard to imagine. But at least picture this, with Focalpay, it's within reach.